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I finished Seekers:Great Bear Lake. It was a good book.
The Throne of Fire is a great book! I really liked it!
I read Harry Potter #2. My favorite part was when Harry and Ron go into Hagrid's hut and watch Hagrid and Dumbledore get taken away. I liked it when they follow spiders. I liked it when the spiders carried them. It is a great book.
I read Harry Potter #2.I liked the part when Harry finds out that Hermione has been attacked. I like the part when Harry goes into Riddles memory.My favorite part was when he found out why Hagrid had been expeled. I liked it when Lockhart said on Valentines Day to ask Snape to show them how to make a love potion.It is a great book.
We read "Colors, ABC, Numbers" (Bright Baby), my 11 month old was fascinated with the pictures. Seriously thinking about buying the book.